01 December 2007

Meme me, baby.

Ah, the Internet Meme: so much more than "IM IN UR BASE..." or "THEY BE STEALIN MAH BUKKIT."

I've been tagged by the ever-insightful Sarah of
Brood in the latest round of blog chain letters. This one entreats the blog writer to reveal seven facts about him or herself and then tag seven other people to do the same. The success rate for these blog tags would seem, anecdotally, to be greater than the success rate for your average email forward. I mean, you know, she did it, I'm doing it, so...draw your own conclusions.

1. I am very vain about my breasts, a vanity that manifests itself in no small measure as the immense fear that I will lose one or both to cancer or mastitis.

2. This vanity also leads me to buy intensely up-pushing brassieres from Victoria's Secret, even though VS is a horrific company whose latest ad campaign offends me most because its spokestwink rhymes "air" with "air" in a limerick about a new bra.

3. This "air--air" issue is one of the smaller insults, but you should know that I am judging the grammar of everyone around me at all times. My hot button issue right now is "comprises." I heard it on the network national news this week and nearly popped a capillary in the ol' eyeball from vexation.

4. When I was a kid I was in the chorus for "Ahmal and the Night Visitors" and before one performance I picked at a real loaf of bread being used as a prop until I had hollowed it out and eaten all the soft interior, leaving a hollow bread shell for use in the play. The bread carrying chorus member was not pleased.

5. Unlike Sarah, I freaking love musicals. Love love LOVE them.

6. Because of this deep, abiding, enduring love, I have always wanted to play Anita in "West Side Story."

7. I think my mom and dad are just about the greatest parents and the greatest people ever, and I hope that when they need live-in care that I'll be in a geographic, economic, and emotional place to provide it in a co-living arrangement.

I think I'll actually tag you, the reader, to tell me facts about myself. Seven people probably read this, right? First seven readers, with the exception of anyone who's done this meme on their blog, have to leave me a fact about me in the comments. Bloggers, self included, write about themselves an awful lot, but how often do blog readers write about blog writers, huh? Not very, I'll say.


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