15 October 2008

Off the request line.

I owe someone a little something from a few posts ago, so this one's for you, Jacket.
That's my muscle, fools. I've been working on it.

I'm just over a year into my Going to The Gym to Get Ripped Initiative and I've hit a bit of a plateau. I worked with a trainer for my first month and a half; this was as much as I could afford (it is a swank, swank gym that I can only attend through the miracle of My Big Corporate Employer's health care plan subsidy). I'd been doing that plan--with results, no doubt--but I was starting to feel like I wasn't making more progress. So I took a preview class for a little something they call BURN. Which burns, by the way. The miniclass was 30 minutes and I was sweating like a sweaty pig--I can only guess that in the full hour class I would have been in a pile of sweaty soreness on the floor. But I felt great afterwards and, just like the trainer predicted, I find that my body is craving the increased heart rate, the sweat, and the deep breaths that I get from the cardio portion as well as the soreness and wrung out feeling from the weight work. So I've been picking up the literal pace of my workout. This fast walk/jog/run/jog/walk/run/jog/run/walk flies in the face of my prior attitude to moving at anything other than a swift walk. I have even been known to express the sentiment that I don't even run to catch a bus, if I'm late for work. But I do now, because damn if it don't feel fine.

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Blogger jacket said...

Nice guns, Nora. Thanks for indulging me. I've been trying to get my ass to the gym for about 8 months. The choices here are super limited. It's basically the Y and the weight room is always full of redneck dudes who give me the hairy eyeball if I'm wearing any sort of tank top or tight shirt. But perhaps you've inspired me to once again brave those treacherous waters. Maybe if I keep headphones on and blast Le Tigre I'll be alright. And wish socialism upon all who dare cross me.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Nora Rocket said...

I was lifting to Fugazi the other day and felt very, very tuff :) I recommend it.

4:51 PM  

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