03 August 2008


I had a safe, predictable series of flights on Friday and am back home, more or less. I'm not quite done with my mental vacation, but tomorrow's shocking return to the office will jolt me back to reality.

I hope to have travelogues for you this week, but a few projects need my attention this week, not the least of which is laundry from my trip. I packed (and dressed) like a backpacker; consequently, when I got home I smelled and looked a little like a backpacker.

If you're interested in my many, many photos, please visit my Flickr stream here; I don't want to clog the blog, you dig?

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Blogger jacket said...

welcome back. I loved checking out your pictures. I did the "gringo trail" in 1999. I hope you're going write about your trip.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Hilary said...

Did I somehow miss your stories from Peru?? Or are they still formulating in yer head?

2:43 AM  

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