02 February 2007

Gaudeamus Igitur

I GOT THE JOB, and they're bringing me in $2500 higher than list, because I'm JUST THAT GOOD, y'all, I'm so very desirable. They will not regret it. They are probably already not regretting it.

I start on the 12th, so I have next week to set my affairs in order, tell my freelance clients that I'll have decreased capacity going forward, do my 2006 taxes, buy some work pants, and so forth.

The prospect of imminent paychecks is making me a little giddy...will I go to the record store or the comic book shop first? Do I need some new kicks? I may need some luxury groceries--like olives, juice, and danish butter (!!!). Or maybe I just need to see a matinee movie each day next week, with a big cherry coke in one hand and a box of hot tamales in the other.

Hot-cha, my brothers and sisters: my time of bust-ass brokeness and uninsured nervousness is nearly over. I can kick off another 401K! I can go to the doctor and get my prescriptions for the reasonable rate of $20 a month instead of $50! I can get out of the house every day! I can start living like a big girl again!

2007: so far, high marks.

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